natural menopause

22. When to see a herbalist…

The general advice you will find on this website will, without doubt, help you manage the menopause and prevent, and alleviate, the associated symptoms. However, you do need to take this advice on board and ACT on it. I appreciate that’s not always as straightforward as it sounds, and also that sometimes it’s simply not enough. If you are struggling, I urge you to find and make an appointment with a herbalist.

If you would like to speak with a herbalist face-to-face and local to you, I can help you find someone who is qualified and experienced.

If you would like to have a consultation with me face-to-face, and can’t get to the little corner of Cornwall where I reside and practice, I can see and talk to you via Skype or FaceTime. I have conducted many consultations in this manner over the last few years, and find it just as effective as being in the same room. Many women find it a simpler and more comfortable process, as they can talk to me from home, don’t need transport or to factor in travelling time, and can have their herbal remedies posted to them. I also do consultations by telephone.

Much of the information on this website is what I provide and discuss with women during a consultation. What you will also get, if you choose to have a consultation with me, is a personal, individual assessment and approach, an individually tailored herbal prescription comprising high-strength, top-grade herbs, and lots of support!

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