natural menopause

14. Our skin and hair is affected by oestrogen levels, so can suffer during the perimenopause. But there’s a lot you can do to help keep skin supple and hair lustrous…

A healthy, balanced diet containing plenty of essential fatty acids found in oily fish, seeds and seed oils such as flaxseed and extra virgin olive oil, and vitamins C & E found in fruit and vegetables, avocadoes, almonds etc, is crucial.


So, too, is a healthy lifestyle including things like regular exercise, plenty of rest, stress-relieving activities, and the use of natural body oils and enriching plant-based conditioners for skin and hair. A massage, for example, can serve a number of purposes: it’s wonderfully relaxing, stress-relieving, energising and mood-boosting, a great way to promote detoxification in the body, and to moisturise and tone the skin.

A quick note about wrinkles. The old adage that they add character and depth is indeed true. They reflect our journey, our knowledge and wisdom – and make us fabulously more interesting to be around. Hang on to that thought!